Benefits of a Real Coach face to face seminars:

  • Completed in 4 hours
  • 12 points in Learning Category 3
  • Assessment completed during course
  • Facilitated by industry trainer
  • Courses held across NSW
  • Satisfies both Certificate and Licence holders for all renewals


Seminar Dates


NEW COURSE Just Released November 2019: CPD Time to Transform
About the Course
As we are all aware the market, consumers and the industry has a whole has changed, and we all need to adapt!
In this course called Time to Transform we help you expand your knowledge and provide you the tools and real life examples you need to ensure you upskill your role within the property industry.
This course has been designed with you the agent in mind, no matter what role you have within the industry, this program will address all you need to know from administration to sales and property management included.

This course is designed for Sales, Property Management & Administration industry participants.
The Course covers 12 Points of CPD, delivered in learning category 3, ensuring you complete your obligation in one go.

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