Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Training

Assistant Agents /Certificate of Registration Holders

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an annual training requirement for all Assistant Agents / Certificate holders as well as Licence holders in the Real Estate industry (NSW).

NSW Fair Trading announced changes to CPD for Assistant Agents / Certificate of Registration holders in 2020 requiring agents to complete 3 licensing units annually and migrate to licence over a four (4) year period

It is important that you follow the new rules (below) and if you have any questions please call us on 1300 124 125.

Real Coach has a easy and flexible and way for you to complete the CPD obligation.

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Assistant Agents /Certificate of Registration Holders
CPD obligations:

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Since the announcement on the 23rd March 2020 (NSW Real Estate Reforms) ,  NSW Fair Trading has completely overhauled the accreditation model that Real Estate Agents are familiar with.

One of the biggest changes affects Certificate of Registration Holders (now known as Assistant Agents). In the past you could have held a Certificate of Registration for a lifetime, but now all Certificate / Assistant Agent Accreditation only last for a maximum of four (4) years.

The new rule requires as of the 23rd March 2020 all existing Certificate of Registration Holders must upgrade to full Real Estate Licence within four (4) years (by 22nd March 2024). 

You can easily search your details on the NSW Public Licensing Database and you will now notice that your annual renewal is no longer due and payable. This is because NSW Fair Trading have (at no cost to you) extended your Certificate of Registration date to now expire on the 22nd March 2024 and it cannot be renewed.

At the conclusion of this four (4) period which we have explained above, if you have not upgraded to a full Real Estate Licence (Class 2) within this period you will no longer be accredited, this is because your Certificate of Registration / Assistant Agent accreditation would have expired and cannot be renewed.   At this point you would not be able to work in the industry as you previously have been using your Certificate of Registration /Assistant Agent accreditation.  NSW Fair Trading will not allow you to reapply for another accreditation at this same level until you wait the mandatory 12 month period, you will be likely to have to redo your entry level course.

NSW Fair Trading has mandated this new rule to upgrade to a Licence within four (4) years by using the existing CPD system that requires you to complete annual training. Your new CPD requirement is for you to complete a minimum of three (3) licensing units per year.

Finally if you do not wish to upgrade your Certificate of Registration / Assistant Agent accreditation?  You would need to surrender your accreditation to NSW Fair Trading (cancel your certificate) this is because if you don’t either complete your annual CPD or surrender your accreditation you would be breaking the law.  

To opt out of the system and hand back your accreditation (surrender) you would need to do this with NSW Fair Trading.

  • The date of when CPD is due has now changed for everyone. CPD is no longer a renewal based activity, now a calendar based event.
  • Everyone’s CPD must be completed annually between 23rd March and 22nd March.
  • The due date for CPD is the 22nd March annually.

Unfortunately not, this is because you need to either complete your three (3) units of your Licensing Course as it is your CPD obligation prior to 22nd March.

The only other option is you can surrender your accreditation to NSW Fair Trading (cancel your certificate) this is because if you don’t either complete your annual CPD or surrender your accreditation you would be breaking the law.  

To opt out of the system and hand back your accreditation (surrender) you would need to do this with NSW Fair Trading.  

Since the implementation of the new CPD program, there has been some confusion and lots of unique questions. Feel free to discuss your personal circumstance with our expert team by calling 1300 124 125.  (Monday – Friday EST) or email us by clicking here.


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